You’ll see that our methods have several advantages over the conventional approach to wood recycling. Key to our approach is reuse – reclaiming wood and using it locally, without the need to transport or recycle it any more than necessary.

1. We use efficient transport

Our lightweight collection vehicles consume 75% less fuel than skip lorries per tonne of wood collected. We also minimise travel distance by hand-loading to maximum capacity whenever possible, reducing the number of collection trips required.

2. We say no to landfill

When wood rots it creates methane, a potent greenhouse gas, with each tonne of wood in landfill creating the equivalent of 800kg of CO2 in methane emissions. You might have seen that this issue was recently addressed with a new international agreement on methane emissions at COP26. We divert wood away from general waste streams, and we don’t send any of what we collect to landfill.

3. We focus on Reuse

Recycling is better than landfill, but chipping wood limits its use to heavy industry like biomass and chipboard manufacture. By sorting the wood, we salvage everything that can be reused in its natural state, putting it straight back into the resource loop without the need to recycle it.

4. We Upcycle

Our workshops and our customers find ingenious ways to turn waste wood of all kinds into quality furniture and products.  This means that we are upcycling reclaimed timber into more complex and valuable items.

5. We help the fight against illegal logging

Around a million cubic metres of illegal wood enters the UK each year, with consumers often in the dark about where their wood is really from. Reusing the wood that’s already here helps reduce the need to import it from sources contributing to deforestation, a major driver of climate change.

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