About us

Woodpeckers of Kent is a community wood recycling project. We are a not-for-profit social enterprise saving resources and creating jobs.

Our status as a social enterprise means that any profit we make stays within the business, enabling us to improve our facilities and conditions for our volunteers and staff. Our mission is to reduce waste that is going to landfills and to create opportunities for local people.

Most of the collected material would, at very best, have been “downcycled” into woodchip or, even worse, would have ended up decomposing in landfill sites – releasing CO2 and methane and contributing to climate change. In addition, by creating jobs, training and volunteering opportunities, we are helping people to develop confidence and self-esteem and learn a range of useful transferable skills that will help them to get back into paid work.

We are part of the National Community Wood Recycling network. To visit their site or find a more local group, please visit  http://www.communitywoodrecycling.org.uk

You can soon visit the wood store http://woodpeckersok.com/wood-store/ to find beautiful reclaimed timber and firewood as well as hand crafted products and bespoke furniture



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Woodpeckers of Kent

Pilgrims Rest 
Bethersden / Ashford, Kent,
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