Ever wondered what happens to the wood we collect?  You won’t be surprised to hear that we’re always thinking about new ways to help our feathered friends, and we’ve been developing our own range of nesting boxes specifically designed to provide the right environment for a range of different species to raise their families.

Our founding father and senior Woodpecker Erik Uebel was recently spotted at a local event displaying the colourful range. This batch was made from timber we collected from our amazing client Pentland Homes at their residential development site in Saxon Fields. 

Our nesting boxes (and a whole host of other products) are created in the Woodpeckers workshop with re-used wood collected from our customers.  This work doesn’t just benefit local wildlife; making a simple product like bird boxes is hugely satisfying for the vulnerable people who volunteer with us, helping them to build their confidence and develop new skills.

To find out more about our range of products or to learn about volunteering opportunities email us info@woodpeckersok.com

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